The Clone Troopa' ProJeca By StaaViinsZ 

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Hello Again, My Fiends. Friends. Whatever. It's all the same.
From The Last four on Page three to the end is an ENTIRELY NEW batch of photos! Remember to Fav this page, and enjoy the latest 63-photo SAGA! Spread the word! --StaaViinsZ

The Clone Troopa' ProJeca Is HERE!

I created the GuestBook and Links page recently. Enjoy!

I has some problems previously making the photos work... But now, with a little Webs Help, Dedication, PhotoScape, And WHEEN I got it all up and running! I make a new batch of these every some often... Any suggestions, E-mail me! Unfortunately, The main cast of charactors for the great majority of the series got lost... I poke my momma's nose every time I think about it. Hope I find them soon. But until so, I have a new cast, featured in the last few of the photos! Poke yo Nose Later, StaaViinsZ

Hello, Nuts. It's official, I've got ALL of my Clone trooper photos up here!

The images are lower quality/size so that they would be under 50 megs or so... My website is free, haha. Most of them should be easy enough to read, especially once you get past the Paint ones. (Read the desciption of the Photo Album for more)

I hope you enjoy! --StaaViinsZ

At Another Time.

hey everybody, it's gonna be a lot of work to get all this together, espicially since i ran out of site storage, which means that i can't upload the rest of the pics that i made past site creation. this really isn't working out right now... feel free to e-mail me if you appear interested in the ones that are posted online, and want to see more, i have plenty. [email protected] is the address. i will reply to all e-mails!


Sorry, Until Further Notice, Only Photos Numbering through 15 are In Order, all others are not organize yet, with at least 1 missing... site errors... CRAP THIS! ALL THIS just because the STUPID SITE can't handle extra PERIODS IN FILE NAMES. WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT? No periods? WHY?!?!?!?!!?!?

Please Wait While i Fix This Problem Over The Next Month. SORRY! But really-- Blame Webs...

don't get me wrong i LOVE webs and everything they let you do... it's just a few things are a little bit... BUGGED to say the least. CYA Soon, Hopefully with a FIXED site.--StaaViinsZ

P.S. Until I get this site working-- Visit My other Website-- Kitten Galaxy!

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Find the latest on the Clone Troopa' ProJeca here! Want to see some Kittens? Go on over to!

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